Friday, January 9, 2009


So just when I think I'm getting it a little under control, wham! They hit me with another one. I just spent the last half hour cleaning up yet another mess made by my lovely children, one that they will no doubt deny involvement in.

Erica wanted a drink, so she got a cup and went to the yellow bathroom as customary, well she comes to me gesturing and all excited. I assume that she just can't get the door open, it does tend to be stubborn at times. But no, the door is open and she is standing in the hallway pointing in all excited. I look in and find two big bubbles on the ceiling dripping water to the floor below. What the heck! Immediately I head to the upstairs bathroom which is just over this one. Yikes, the floor is a swimming pool, there had to be at least an inch of water on the floor, and the sink is still spilling over. Someone; of course- it wasn't me, not me, and I didn't do it; plugged the sink and left a small stream of water on. So after turning the water off, unplugging the sink , and mopping up what seemed like gallons of water I am just a little frustrated. I clean up one catastrophe just to be faced with another one. Will it ever end?

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