Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012-2013 School Year

Aaron is in 7th grade at the Jr High. Ammon has Ms. Duncan again in the behavior unit for 5th grade. Annie has Miss Day for 4th grade. Emily has Mrs. Ainge for 2nd grade. And Erica has Mrs. Brinkerhoff for 1st grade.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Camping-Harrison style

We had a family reunion for Michael's grandparents Liz and Ervin Harrison's descendents. We camped above Vernal past the Red Cloud Loop.

We arrived Thursday evening and set up camp. I still didn't get a picture of our camp site.


On Friday the kids did a craft, they painted wooden picture frames, played a few games. Then they gave all the kids squirt guns. Dale got the brunt of the kids water, but they got it right back from him, even from a water bottle.

 Dale was squirting them and all of a sudden he pulls this water bottle out of his pocket and poured it on Annie and Emily.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camping-Anderson style

Had a family reunion for the Joseph Willard & Lorana Page Anderson descendents this past weekend. We camped at the Lodgepole campground in Daniel's Canyon.

There was Mom and Dad, Michael & I with our 7 children, Samuel with his 3 (Dallan, Taylor, and Lexcie), Marvin's son Angelo, Caroline with her 2 (Zeren and Kezia), Joseph, and Dorothy.

Aaron getting the fire going, my dad cooking hamburgers
 Angelo wandering off, he loved to explore the campground
 Annie stuffing her face with marshmallows
 Emily and Erica
 Emily roasting marshmallows
 Lexcie after eating her roasted marshmallow
 James, he must have enjoyed whatever it was that he ate
 Annie, Ethan, Zeren, Erica and Emily roasting hotdogs
Dorothy, about to get hit in the face with a hot marshmallow, Aaron and Lexcie
 Ammon, don't know what he was doing to pull that kind of face
Aaron, Joseph and Ammon
 Ammon, Dallan, Ethan and Annie
 Uncle Charlie, Caroline with Kezia and Zeren. Dallan
 Dallan, Annie and Ammon cooking hotdogs
My dad and his sister, Annette in the background