Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Is it really time for Christmas already? This year has flown by so fast, it seems like each year goes by faster then the previous. Just a little notet to update you as our family continues to grow, in more ways then one.

Aaron(10) is in 5th grade, he is doing hip hop again, earned his Bear badge in scouts and has been working on his Webelos badge, which he received at November's pack meeting. He is now working towards earning his Arrow of Light award. Aaron loves to shoot his bow with grandpa, he goes every chance he gets. The 3D standing grizzly bear target is his favorite.

Ammon(9) is in 3rd grade, he is doing tumbling again, has earned his Wolf badge and is moving on to earning his Bear. After having such a perfect year last year, Ammon started this school year off with a bang, getting himself sent to the principals office and getting suspended three times now. He's lucky it's only been three times, he would have missed a second day the first time if dad hadn't spent the day with him.Ammon is once again singing with the school musical group, Musical Mustangs.

Annie(7) is in 2nd grade, she is doing dance again. She tried out for the competition team this spring and made it but then decided she didn't want to do it. She is really good at dance. She says she doesn't want to learn point but she's always up on her toes. Annie has been complaining that she can't see the board at school so after an eye exam it was determined that she does indeed need glasses (and she loves having them). The kids all took swimming lessons this summer and Annie is the only one to pass off her level.

Emily(6)is in Kindergarten, she is also doing dance. Emily has been making lots of friends at school and is always wanting to go to someone's house for a play date. She still loves spending time with her Aunt Julia, she's very happy Julia is back in Utah.

Erica(5) is in Headstart again, she also takes dance. She has been doing really well about going to headstart by herself. She's only had one major breakdown while getting ready in the morning, after mom carried her to the bus she settled down and enjoyed the day at school.

Ethan(2) goes to a special group twice a week at DDI Vantage, an early intervention program helping him learn to speak more. He will have this available to him until his 3rd birthday. Since we have started this program he has started speaking more, is using 2 and 3 word sentences when prompted, and is overall more engaging in conversation.

And we have added to our family yet again. James Ervin Crapo joined us on September 29, at 6:01 a.m. He weighed 4lb 15 oz and was 17 inches long. He was six weeks early and did very well, spent very little time in the nursery, and only 12 hours on oxygen. He is a perfect beautiful dark haired baby, still undetermined on his eye color, mom says they are going to be blue, dad says they are going to be brown.

Michael has been keeping busy working, for the most part. Work did take a dip in the summer, which is usual for his work. But with the colder weather it picks back up. he now has seniority in his area. Some days he doesn't really take the day off because he always has his truck phone forwarded. In these hard time we are extremely grateful that he still has a job.

Kathryn has been keeping busy with the duties of wife and mother. In church she was released earlier this year from her calling as a member of the Relief Society Activity Committee and called as Relief Society Pianist. She is still taking kids to church by herself, only being relieved once every six weeks when Michael gets a Sunday off. In June she ended her 2 year stint as PTA President at the Elementary. In September she was elected in Erica's headstart class as the Policy Council Representative. Then in Policy Council she was elected as the Secretary/Treasurer. So there is always something going on in her life.

We wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best in the NEW YEAR.

Love, The Crapo Family