Saturday, September 28, 2013

James' 3rd Birthday

Even though his birthday is tomorrow, we celebrated today along with Emily. Lunch of pizza, cake & ice cream at the park in Vernal. Then those that wanted to went to the Rec center and went swimming.

 Here Emily, help me with my card!
 Boy this is a BIG present!
 Paint and a dart gun
 car and blocks from Markel, Sue, & Sarah
 Drawing boards
 A Bike!!! from mom and dad

 Safety first!
  I'm a big kid now!

 He blew it out almost as soon as we started singing.

Emily's 9th Birthday

Emily's birthday was yesterday but we waited until today so that we could combine with James and have it on Michael's day off. We ate lunch at a park in Vernal, had cake and ice cream and then went to the Rec center and went swimming.

 Emily got to bring her class 'pet' home for the weekend.
 Jewelry and Hair accessories from Grandma Liz.

 Dress from Grandma & Grandpa Crapo
 The wind was blowing and the candle wouldn't stay lit. So she pretended to blow the candle out.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Aunt May

The last of my Grandfather's, Sharon Anderson, siblings left this earthly life today. She past on to be with the rest of the family of eight children.

Obviously from her much younger years. She was the youngest, only to my Grandfather, of the children. Unfortunately I didn't know many of my Grandpa's siblings. I do very vaguely remember Uncle Joe from when I was very young. I do remember Aunt May always making an effort to be at the family reunions.