Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

The obligatory Christmas morning photo.

 I got busy helping with the presents and I didn't get more pictures.

Christmas Letter 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

It is once again the season of glad tidings, the time to rejoice in the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, and the time to embrace and enjoy family.

Aaron (15) – because of shortages and closures Aaron was transferred to a facility in Moroni, he has been there since June. Because the move put him farther away we don’t get to go see him as often. He has had a few visits home this year, always very short and they always seem to fly by. We don’t know when he will get to come home.
Ammon (14) – is in 8th grade this year. He finished out 7th grade without getting sent to the principal’s office, a record for him since 2nd grade. Earlier this year he decided he was done with karate and just quit going, he had made it to a blue belt. He’s fascinated with electronic devices, and a conspiracy theorist (his own admission). Ammon was ordained a Teacher the day after his 14th birthday and was also set apart as the Teacher’s Quorum 2nd Counselor the same day.
Annie (12) – is in 7th grade this year. She was nervous about going from one end of school to the other for class, but she’s gotten it down pat now. She’s taking a choir class, though she won’t admit to liking it. Having turned 12 before summer she got to attend girls camp with the stake this year. Her leaders said they saw a whole new side of her there. They awarded her the ‘Most Sassy’ award. She was just called as the Beehive class President. She is still in dance, working towards those pointe shoes.
Emily (11) – is in 5th grade this year, she is back at East Elementary (our district changed to neighborhood Elementary schools(K-5)) she wasn’t too happy about it, but she’s settled in. Emily got to take her own goat to the fairs this year. It was definitely a learning experience for her, though she did win some ribbons she needs to work with her goat more before going again. She is doing dance again this year and enjoys it. She really enjoys playing with the basketball that she got for her birthday. She takes her ball to school every day so she can play with it at recess.
Erica (10) – is in 4th grade this year and in the classroom right next to Emily. They see each other quite often at school. Erica also took her own goat to the fairs, and though she also won some ribbons she also has a lot to learn. She and Emily have their own 4-H group that they do with their Aunt Julia. Erica got glasses at the beginning of the school year (5 out of 7children now). Erica decided she also wanted to switch dance studios, so she is now dancing at Discovery DanceWorks with Annie & Emily.
Ethan (7) – is in 2nd grade this year, he has the same teacher that Ammon had for 2nd grade. He likes going to school but he doesn’t like homework and avoids it every chance he can. He hates chores and hides to avoid doing them too. He is in his fourth year of tumbling and enjoys going most weeks.
James (5) – is going to morning preschool this year. When the other kids started school in August and told him that he would be going to Kindergarten next year he would get really upset. After he was tested and approved for preschool in September he has loved going every morning(Mon-Thurs). James lost his first tooth just days before his birthday. He started tumbling classes this year and is very excited about it.
Michael was laid off from Newfield in May after driving for them just over three years. The work really slowed down with the drop in oil prices and unfortunately he was one that was let go. After three months of applying and waiting he was finally hired by Pilot/Flying J to haul Crude to the refinery in Salt Lake. It’s one load a day from the Basin to Salt Lake. The hours aren’t the greatest, and if the truck is broken-down there isn’t a spare one available. It’s in times like this we’re all just grateful he has employment. Michael is still serving as the Stake Sign Language Coordinator, spending most Sunday mornings in Myton interpreting for the deaf couple there.
Kathryn is on the School Community Council at East Elementary, serving as the Chair Person. She is the Vice-President of the Basin Arts Council, as well as Social Media Chair Person. She still belongs to a scrapbook page/card swap that meets quarterly now. She is enjoying her time in the Uintah Basin Orchestra & Chorus that performs twice a year. This year the Spring Concert was conducted by Dr.’s Craig Jessop and Mack Wilberg; definitely a once in a lifetime experience. The Christmas Concert was conducted once again by Dr. James M. Bankhead. After a very brief stint (four months) as ward organist, she was released to be with her family (dang those rowdy children!). She continued serving as Relief Society Pianist and Ward Music Chairperson until the end of September when she was released from those as she was called to be the 2nd Counselor in the Young Women Presidency. She is now over the Beehives (12 & 13 year-old young women-including Annie) in the ward. Her Tuesday evenings are now busy with Mutual. She has also been watching her niece Loretta, Charity’s little girl, since summer while Charity works.
Merry Christmas to all, may you remember the true Reason for the Season.                                          
Love, The Crapo Family

Saturday, December 5, 2015

UBOC-Christmas Concert

The UBOC at our annual Christmas concert, again conducted by Dr. James M. Bankhead.
I'm sitting in the front row of the choir, just to the right of the harp.

The Many Moods of Christmas