Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Burns, Burns, and more Burns

So there is something about the month of January and the years 2003, 2006, and 2009. First in 2003 when Ammon was 14 months old he touched my parents wood burning stove and burned his hand. Then in 2006 when Emily was 16 months old she did the same thing. Now today Ethan touched our gas fireplace. He was lucky enough to have only gotten his fingertips where the other two also burned their palms.

I wasn't home at the time and Michael had put him in the family room with the two younger girls to play. Well when I put him on the floor in there I arrange our three banana chairs around the fire so he can't get to it. Michael thought that since he was on the other side of the room playing that he was fine, so he didn't bother with the chairs. Of course as soon as Michael left the room he crawled over there and touched it. When I got home Michael had put him to bed because he was crying, Michael didn't think he had touched it, so he wasn't too worried about him, but when I checked his hand sure enough there were big ugly white blisters on each fingertip. So I took him to see the doctor and he did just what I expected him to do. He applied silvadene cream, also known as silver sulfadiazine cream, wrapped it in gauze and gave me a prescription for the cream and said to keep it wrapped, changing it twice a day, for two weeks. And to watch when the blisters pop that they don't get infected.

So we're at 50% for burns, thankfully still at 0 for broken bones, and 34% for stitches/staples. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the broken bones stay at 0.

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