Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Small children

This chair belongs to a kid in our ward, who brought it to pack meeting. An over-sized chair makes the kids look miniature.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Red Butte Gardens

Michael and I took Aaron to the Red Butte Gardens and I took tons of pictures of flowers. Even though it was nearing the end of summer there were still lots of flowers. I don't think there were as many vibrant bold colors as there are in Spring.

Beautiful Roses, I love this peach/orange color.

I almost missed this Praying Mantis hiding among this fuzzy white grass.
I can't recall a time that I've seen an albino one, if that's what this one is called.

These gigantic flowers are called Hibiscus flowers.
There are many different varieties throughout the garden,
including a variety of colors from white to deep red.

I managed to catch this bee on the top of this flower.
The bees were all over the garden, but they didn't bother us,
they were too busy pollinating.

This picture doesn't do the color of this flower/plant justice,
it was a gorgeous fuchsia.

Another giant hibiscus, deep red colored.

Using my zoom lens.

Pretty lavendar flowers.
There is a bee hiding down in there I was trying to capture
but he wasn't cooperating with me.
He's underneath the flower in the center of the picture, above the cement.

Ornamental shrub. I think it's supposed to be a deer.
This is the entrance to the Children's Garden.

The rattlesnake fountain.
Michael had to have a picture of him fighting the snake.

Since Michael was having a picture,
Aaron needed a picture of his own.

The bee on this flower blends in because they are the same color.

This poky little flower is covered in bees.

These are Giant Castor Beans with these huge leaves.
These leaves are larger then an adult head.
They have this big ball of pokey little balls along the stem.

A "Flower Bed".

I think this is a crocus of some sort.

This one looks so much like plastic it didn't look real.

A beautiful red flower.

Iguana's in the Children's Garden amphitheater.

A cute little fountain, also in the Children's Garden.

This beautiful purple flower was a variety of Lilac.

This statue in the pond with the waterfall behind it
are tucked away in the Children's Garden.

This tree is loosing it's bark, it looks like someone has been skinning it.

Michael found this bee in the flower covered in pollen.
It was flying back and forth in this bush of flowers pollinating.
I don't know how it flew so covered with the pollen.

Big beautiful white clouds of flowers in the Fragrance Garden.

Daphnia flower. These flowers will bloom all summer as long as they are watered.

Wild roses.

Phlox flower, this is also a big flowering bushy plant in the fragrance garden.

Delicate Day lilies.

More wild roses.

This tree was also peeling.
Several layers of the bark were peeling back.
The tree underneath was very smooth.

This waxy looking flower was in a container along the path.

Another hibiscus.

A rose bud.

A beautiful peach and yellow wild rose.

This rose is white with pink spots.

Faded yellow roses.

Wild red roses.

I think this is a climbing clematis.

A white rose.

A pink rose.

Wild pink roses.

Yellow rose.

This pink flower has over 1,000 petels in it.

A faded Pink rose.

An budding peach rose.

Pretty peach bud.

A Pink bud.

A wild rose bush.

Pink rose.

Pink rose.

Yellow rose.