Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Aaron's visit

Aaron got to come home for a 24-hour visit yesterday and today. We visited, he opened his Christmas presents, we had dinner with Grandparents, and we took some family pictures.

Saying Hello!!

Our Family together after a year apart. It doesn't look like it in this picture,
but Aaron is at least 2 inches taller than Michael.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas morning we got up, the kids got their presents from Santa, we opened presents from each other and than had breakfast.


James:Santa-iPod touch; Mom & Dad-Memory box, iPod case; Aaron-Cars
Ethan:Santa-iPod touch; M&D-Memory box, iPod case, headphones; Aaron-Dusty Crophopper
Erica:Santa-iPod touch; M&D-Memory box, iPod case, headphones; Aaron-Giant coloring book & crayons
Emily:Santa-3DS & game; M&D-Memory box, headphones; Aaron-Giant coloring book & crayons
Annie:Santa-iPod touch; M&D-Memory box, iPod case, headphones; Aaron-Giant coloring book & crayons
Ammon:Santa-iPod touch; M&D-Memory box, iPod case, headphones; Aaron-Legos

Then after packing the 'sleigh' off to grandmothers house we went. Grandpa had gotten permission for us to use the Pleasant Valley Hunting lodge again this year. First we had lunch.

Phil, Jeremy, & Ammon
Audrey, Natalie, & Nellie
Preston, Tyler, & Noah
Grandma Liz & Preston
Ethan & Grandma Liz
 Michelle & Donna
Emily, Michael, & Annie
Brinley, Colleen, Erica, Kiley, & Nathan

Than we opened presents from Grandma & Grandpa. We got an ice cream maker with desert cups from Aunt Michelle, Uncle Phil & Preston. We had Uncle Tyler and we gave him The Wolverine that had just came out.

James: G&G C-Planes containing body wash
Ethan: G&G C-Dusty Crophopper & friends
Erica: G&G C-Sprial art
Emily: G&G C-Trendy Model Sticker books
Annie: G&G C-Fun loom, bands & storage box
Ammon: G&G C-Legos
Kathryn: Mom & Dad-Blue & Green scarf
Michael: Mom & Dad-Jerky & Square table with 4 chairs

Christmas Letter 2013

Dear Family & Friends,                                                 December 2013
Here it is, Christmas time again…

Aaron (13) is currently living in the Salt Lake valley. He has grown a lot in the past year; he is towering over his dad and is wearing size 15 shoes. Michael teases him that they have to skin a cow to make each shoe. He gets regular visits from mom and dad. He got the opportunity to attend a session of General Conference in the Conference Center with Grandma & Grandpa Crapo in October.
Ammon (12) has started taking karate classes. He wasn't sure when he started if he would like it or not, but after his first class he was hooked. Ammon also started sixth grade this year at the Junior High. He has a modified A/B schedule. It's been good for him to have different teachers instead of staying in the same class all day. He was ordained a Deacon on the first of December.
Annie (10) decided this year that she was going to change dance studios. She had taken the highest ballet/jazz class offered at the previous studio for the last three years. This studio is more lyrical and classical ballet, but she can eventually learn point if she wants to. She is doing well in school and as usual loves her teacher and has many friends. This is her last year at King's Peak Elementary.
Emily (9) is still taking ballet/jazz but she also decided that she wanted to take tumbling. She did the summer clinic and loved it. She was assigned to a class when the season started and a few weeks in she was doing so well that she was moved up a level. She really pushes herself to learn the tricks. Emily has adjusted to moving to a new school this year; she is also at King's Peak.
Erica (8) decided that she was going to take a break from dance and only do a tumbling class this year. She is also doing pretty well at it. Erica makes friends easily and has many friends at school. Her teacher is constantly praising her for her good work and willingness to help others. Erica was baptized by her dad two days after her birthday.
Ethan (5) is in Kindergarten this year, he goes in the morning. Most days he still doesn't want to go to school but once he gets there he's okay. He's made some friends, and talks about a few of them and points them out if we run into them around town. Ethan is also taking a tumbling class this year. He can't decide whether he likes it or not. Some days he does and others not so much.
James (3) is a spunky sassy like tike. He has become VERY independent, and wants to do it HIS way. He loves to watch Curious George. Recently he got a stuffed Scooby-doo and now he always wants to watch Scooby-doo cartoons.  He's a very spoiled child; his siblings don't let him do anything without their 'help'.
Michael is still enjoying his job at Newfield, driving water truck. He just traded to nights the week before Thanksgiving. This gives him a little more time at home with the kids. He leaves home at 5:30 p.m. and gets home about 6:45 a.m. Gets the kids up and off to school and then sleeps until it's time to get them from school. Michael still has his calling as a Stake sign language specialist. After his first snake (Fiona) escaped in July Kathryn bought him another one (Hetty) for his birthday. Three months later in October Fiona reappeared. She had been hiding somewhere in the house.
Kathryn stays busy running kids everywhere as usual. Young men activities, karate, girls achievement days, dance, appointments, etc. We're lucky enough to live next to the dance studio so that some of the kids can just walk to dance and tumbling. She is volunteering in Ethan's class every Monday for an hour. She was released from her calling as Ward Choir Director in January and as Scout Den leader in October. She continues to play the piano in Relief Society and is enjoying singing in the choir. She also auditioned for a community choir and was accepted.

Merry Christmas! Love -The Crapo's

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

We spent Christmas Eve with the Anderson side of the family. We went caroling to a few families first and then had dinner. Then Grandpa read the Christmas Story and we all sang a few Christmas carols as they came along in the story. Then the fun began. The kids got to open presents from Grandma & Grandpa. We also opened presents from Uncle Marvin & Aunt Stephanie as they were the ones that had our family in the rotation. We had Benjamin and got him the DVD The Wolverine that just came out.
Marvin & Angelo
Emily, Annie, & Erica-decorating cookies
Ammon and his 'fabulous' cookie
Mom & Dad
Charity and her 'boyfriend' Shaun Murray-
We are all just waiting for him to pop the question. :)
 Annie, Angelo, & Stephanie
 Ethan & Erica
 Ammon and his gift from the 'bad Santa'

Now go to bed so Santa can come and fill your stockings.

James: G&G A-Frog, flashlight, chapstick; M&S-Checkers game & yo-yo
Ethan: G&G A-Truck, flashlight, chapstick; M&S-Checkers game & yo-yo
Erica:  G&G A-Jewelry box, necklace, earrings, chapstick, coloring books and crayons; M&S-cat in purse with charm bracelet
Emily: G&G A-Jewelry box, necklace, earrings, chapstick, coloring books and colored pencils; M&S-cat in purse with charm bracelet
Annie: G&G A-Jewelry box, necklace, earrings, chapstick, slippers, sweater; M&S-cat in purse with charm bracelet
Ammon: G&G A-Legos, flashlight, chapstick; M&S-Yahtzee game & yo-yo
Kathryn: Mom & Dad: Temple bag; M&S-Walmart gift card
Michael: Mom & Dad: Lots of candy; M&S-Walmart gift card