Saturday, November 9, 2013

Erica's Baptism

Erica was baptized today.  Her daddy baptized her.

She was beaming with such joy when she came up out of the font. I'm so proud of my baby girl.

Erica's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Erica's birthday today.

 A card with $10 from Grandma Liz.
 Two outfits from Grandma & Grandpa Crapo.

 Cookie mix, a rolling pin and cookie cutters from Natalie & Jeremy.
 Wall art from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson.
 Candy and Colors/coloring books from Nate & Colleen.

 Candy, markers and books from Caroline & David.

 Building blocks from Charity.
Flutterbye fairy & watch from mom and dad.

Ammon's 12th Birthday

We celebrated Ammon's birthday today.

 He said he was going to blow out all 12 candles with one breath...
Ha Ha! Tricked you! We used the trick candles. Boy he looks mad. :)
 Second breath...
 Third breath..
 Fourth breath...
 Seventh, he finally got them out.
 A card with $10 from Grandma Liz.
 A watch and $10 for a white shirt from Grandma & Grandpa Crapo.
 A toothbrush and a bag of candy from Natalie & Jeremy.
 A box of legos from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson.
 Some kind of launcher and candy from Nate & Colleen
Some candy and markers with books from Caroline & David.
 Some building blocks from Charity.
 His Star Wars ATTE from mom and dad.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Pictures

The kids had school pictures taken. I've added their new ones along the side.

Friday, November 1, 2013


I guess I completely skipped over Halloween this year. We went to a dinner/truck or treat with my parents, our ward truck or treat, and the main street trick or treat. We had a box of candy about 12x10x10 full, and that was without Ammon getting much candy.

Ammon the wicked jester

Annie the ladybug

Emily the smiley witch

Erica the cute witch

Ethan the fire ninja

James the zebra