Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ethan's 4th Birthday

Ethan got a bag of bubble stuff, bath soaps, a new hat, a scooter and more.
I love the juice mustache.

Friday, March 9, 2012

New, used car

We decided to buy a car this year with tax returns.

Most of the time when I'm running around it's just James and I so we don't need that big 15 passenger van that guzzles gas.

I already have a love hate relationship with it. We bought it on the 29th of February, ended up leaving it in Heber while bring it home. Made a trip to Heber on the 6th of March to bring it home and ended up leaving it at a muffler place instead. Had to have the catalytic converter replaced. Driving it from my sister-in-laws house to the shop Michael was only able to drive a maximum of 40 mph. After two days there and almost a thousand dollars in repairs it finally made it home. My brother-in-law drove it to Duchesne and I went there and picked it up. The shop said that we had a lot more work that needed to be done on it but I wasn't having anything done on it until my dad looked at it and was able to do the work himself. Tonight he looked at it and after resetting the computer it finally doesn't have any codes in it. The check engine light is finally off. Now hopefully I can drive it around town a little and make sure it's not going to bring any codes up. We just have to replace the spark plugs and wires, and the fuel filter and hopefully it will be a good car for us.

I don't ever want to buy a used car again, this one was a headache.

I'll have to post pictures later.