Monday, July 26, 2010

New Title

If any of you have been paying attention on facebook or to the pictures posted along the right side of this page you will know that I will soon need to change my name to crazy mom of seven. Yes that's right, baby number 7 is due in October. If I wasn't crazy before I will be now!!!

 He's a thumb sucker already!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Update

Summer has been dragging by, but it's almost over, yea!!!

I have of course been neglecting my blog. I did update pictures as you can see. My sister Julia took these for us and did a great job as always. The kids don't like to cooperate and so of course in none of the pictures of the family were all of them looking at the camera.

We went to one family reunion this year at Moon Lake and got rained out. So glad home was close enough for us to come home and sleep in a dry bed. I know that's not really fair but who wants to sleep in a flooded tent with wet sleeping bags. Michael's sister Michelle and brother Tyler were the only other ones in a tent, the others all had campers. So I don't feel too bad about ditching them for the night :).

Annie got to go to Wisconsin with some of my family. She was gone for two weeks and did really well until the night before they got home, then she got a little homesick. She still talks about the turtle ponds and going to Nauvoo.

Julia took these pictures of her, I think it was on her last day. She was pretty sad in that first picture. In the last picture she has an inchworm on her thumb.

The kids have all taken one swimming lesson this summer, too expensive to do more then that. Annie was the only one that passed her level. I guess it's not really fair because they don't get that much time in the pool, I haven't taken them at all this year. But then again, I'm not crazy, oh wait, I am. But I am not taking 6 kids to the pool by myself. No way!!