Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emily's 7th Birthday and James' 1st birthday

We celebrated both of their birthday's on James' birthday. It's just easier when they are only two days apart to celebrate with one party.

He didn't want his cupcake, he wanted the bigger cake.

James' 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Bug!

James has reached the magical one today. He's walking around holding on to things, but not on his own. He has his eight front teeth. He's saying dada and making other sounds, I'm trying to get him to say mama, it's sounded like it a few times, but we're still working on it. He is good at getting himself around, he's finally quit the army crawl and is up on hands and knees now. He is drinking from a sippy cup now and only has his bottle for bedtime. He's growing and learning things so fast, I'm sure he'll be walking and talking before long.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Emily's 7th Birthday

Emily is the big 7 today. She got to have cupcakes with her class but we're waiting until Thursday to have cake and ice cream with James.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well thanks to Ammon's behavior problems at school he will soon be starting at our districts behavior school in Myton. After much consideration and weighing the options; half day with the special-ed teacher, home schooled, or Myton, we decided that his best option for the time is going to Myton. He'll be in a smaller class and will be able to have more time with the teacher and he won't be disrupting as many students. This teacher is more prepared to deal with kids with behavior problems. I just hope he takes this opportunity to grow and learn.