Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ammon and glue

So life has been crazy around here. But what do ya expect with a name like that? My wonderful darling Ammon, what will I do with you? On Friday, Ammon's teacher called me from school and asked that I come pick him up. He had so nicely smeared glue all over his desk and on himself. This comes after he spent Monday at home, suspended from school(for stabbing a kid in the back with a pencil), yes again. This is now the third time in his 1+ years of schooling. Well when he got home he had glue in his hair, up to his elbows and some on his shirt. He wanted to make plastic. Where does he come up with these ideas? Who could do something like this except my Ammon. Not only did he smear the glue on Friday, but he also colored on the teachers bookshelf, just cause he wanted to.

Why is that the answer for everything, not just Ammon but all my children, is "cause". Cause I wanted to. Why would they want to do some of the things they do? Where did my children learn these things? I really am going crazy.


H-Duck said...

CRAZY! I find your blog title appropriate to you life. Hope you're well.

Jen said...

So I am awful with the cousins. Living in CA I never really got to know anyone. I found your blog on Heather's. Knew you were a cousin right away, being from Roosevelt. Then I saw myself on your blog list. And Aunt Geniel was a dead give away. I am so sorry but which cousin are you???? Mother of six doesn't help me :)