Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving & Shopping

Thanksgiving was spent with Michael's family this year. We rotate Christmas and Thanksgiving between the two families. We had Thanksgiving dinner at his grandmother Liz's in Vernal. It was a rather small event this year. Most of Michael's family was there, one Uncle with family, and one cousin with husband and child for a total of 25. So it was really a small gathering compared to past years when there has been 50 or more.

After dinner most everyone helped split and stack wood for grandma. They were going to hang Christmas lights but it got to cold.

I stopped at the store on the way home to get pull-ups and Benadryl, and found a really good deal on winter coats for the girls and Ethan. They were 50% off, I wasn't going to get them but then realized that it was a one day sale. I was going to get myself a new coat too, but even at 50% off one for me was just too much. I never come out of the store with just what I went in for, there's always something else. I went in for pull-ups and Benadryl and came out having spent $180+ for pull-ups, Benadryl, socks for 3 girls, & 4 coats.

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