Sunday, November 23, 2008

Avoiding the chiropractor, Not anymore

So I haven't been to a chiropractor in 5+ years, and there is a reason for that, I don't like to hear that snap, crackle, pop. I hate it even more when I feel it. So anyway on Monday I was feeling really awful, bad enough that I wanted to cry, so I gave in and made an appointment. Now Michael gets to say, next time don't wait so long.

So on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I went and had snap, crackle, and pop. It wasn't getting any better, in fact it was getting worse, the pain and numbness was moving down my arm. So he tells me that I need to go have an MRI done because I might have a disc out. Great! So now I feel worse then I did on Monday and I'm going to have another huge bill at the hospital.

Life sucks, and it really sucks getting old and having a body that is falling apart. I really could just lay down and die because of how bad it hurts. Hopefully after this MRI he will be able to make it better. Wasn't that why I went to him in the first place?

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