Friday, August 9, 2013


Well I guess I'll say that the count down has finally begun. I registered all the kids today. The first day of school is the 20th.

Ammon is in 6th grade at the Jr. High and he has six different teachers. They will all continue the same through both semesters.

Annie and Emily will be at Kings Peak Elementary. Annie is in 5th grade and will be in Mrs. Page's class. Emily is in 3rd grade and will be in Ms. Jacobson's class.

Erica and Ethan will be in East Elementary. Erica has a new teacher Ms. Wooten. She's excited because her teachers name is also Erica. Ethan is in Kindergarten and he is in Miss. Porter's class. They have assigned him to the PM class but I've requested that they change him to AM. All the other kids have been AM and I've found it's just easier to get them all up and out the door together. Yes it is a pain that I have to make an extra trip in the middle of the day to pick him up, oh well.

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