Sunday, August 11, 2013

School shopping

I swear school shopping gets more expensive every year. We got each kid new shoes, a package of socks, underwear and 6-7 shirts and shorts. Except for Ammon who refuses to wear shorts. Most things were on sale, either marked down, buy one get one half off, or buy one get one free. And we FORGOT the backpacks!

At K-Mart we bought only clothing and shoes, the total was $621.28. We saved a total of $288.31. Good grief! Total number of items bought was 85. Remember this is only for 5 kids, we're not buying for Aaron this year.

At Wal-Mart we bought school supplies ($150.12)  along with a few more clothes ($138.08) and the rest was groceries ($120.25) and miscellaneous household items ($75.36) for a total of 206 items.

Add in dinner and the gas we put in the van and we spent over $1200.00 on our trip to Vernal.(Too bad there isn't that kind of shopping available in Roosevelt. And that gas prices are through the roof here.)

We started Ammon out with a pair of cheap shoes until we can make a trip to the city with him. He is hard on shoes and we've found that Nike's work great on him. He made it through the last school year with one pair.

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