Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Friends and Temples

I usually don't post a lot of private inner feelings and thoughts here, but I'm going to try to start blogging more. I don't want to blog about trivial things but things that are important to me.

So I'm going to start with my friend Colleen.

I believe there are people that come into our lives at a time when they do for a reason. I have a dear friend that I've only known a short time, and I'd like to think that it is because of my influence and continued instance that she get her temple recommend renewed that she has. I know she has had a lot of trials in her life and she struggles just like the rest of us. But to watch her turn her life around so that she can go back to the temple has really touched me. I know it's been a struggle for her and I've tried to be there and encourage her as I could.

When I first met her I didn't think she was LDS, well I didn't think that she wasn't either, it just didn't cross my mind. Then in talking to her one day I discovered that she was LDS and that we were in the same stake. She told me then that she had never been to the Vernal Temple, she has always gone to the Salt Lake Temple. It was then, when I invited to take her to the Vernal Temple that I found out her recommend wasn't current. I told her that very day that when she did get her life straightened out and her recommend renewed that I was taking her on a trip to the temple. I am so excited now to be able to do that with her. Yesterday she told me that she had her recommend, she just needs a member of the Stake Presidency to sign it. I am really looking forward to taking her, not just for the spirit that is felt there but because I know she needs the renewing strength received from going. So as soon as she has a free morning, after that recommend is signed, I'm taking her.

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