Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So I got this crazy idea a few months ago that I wanted to go back to school. I applied to the USU extension here in town and was accepted. Now I'm just waiting to register for classes. I don't really want to take a full load but in order to qualify for financial aid I have to be taking 12 credits. I'm excited but a little nervous at the same time, am I going to be able to handle school work and still have time for my family and responsibilities there. Michael did sit down with the kids the other night and told them that they needed to step up and do their jobs without me standing over them because I'm going to be busy with school.

As if that wasn't enough, Michael talked me into attending a seminar in Vernal last week. It was about medical transcription work. I was so impressed with what the guy said, and the fact that Michael has wanted me to get a job working at home, that I signed up for the course to learn medical transcription and editing. If all goes well I will have this course done by the end of summer so I won't be doing both things at the same time when school starts.

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