Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haircuts, and more haircuts

I cut Erica's hair on Saturday night because it is just so stringy and after she's slept on it it's terrible. It is really a cute cut, it's kind of a pixie cut and frames her face nicely. I also gave Emily a trim, her hair grows really good in the middle, she had a small section that was actually down to her waist, but she needed it trimmed just a little to even it up.

Last night I found huge hunks of blonde hair on the floor, who.... what... oh I was mad. I first thought that Erica's had been chopped a little more but then I saw Emily's ponytail. Oh I wanted to cry, she had taken a huge, long chunk out. I had to cut it above her shoulders to even make it look decent. She's still got a small section in the back that is very short, but I'm not going to cut the rest that short so she's just going to have that one section in the back that will be shorter then the rest until it all grows. Emily doesn't look as cute as Erica with short hair.

I knew this day would come sometime I was just hoping that it wouldn't be so soon.

Still haven't found the camera cord to add pictures! Where did it get put???

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Tigersue said...

We have been to the Anniversary Inn Three times, twice for our anniversary and once for a get away from home that I really, really needed. Too much drama with a friend that I needed to relax from. Here are the rooms we stayed in. If you can find a certificate from Costco that is the best way to go, you can get any tier room for that certificate.

This was the last we were in.

This is the one that Michael surprised me with on our 19th anniversary.


This is the one we did last year with the Costco certificate. We love the Logan location the best. They have purchased different houses, so it is so quiet. Then we like the 5th south location, it also seemed to be quiet. But if we could we would prefer to go to Logan. Since this last trip was so spontaneous and Michael has some obligations before we could leave Logan was out of the question.