Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First "Official" Haircut

I gave Ethan his first "official" haircut last night. I wanted to wait until after his birthday, some silly thing I have about waiting until their first birthday to cut their hair. But last week Annie decided that he needed a haircut and so she took a few big whacks out of his hair, he had two big half circles at the base of his head and then a few very short chops off the top. I had to use the clippers and cut it pretty short to make it blend in without buzzing it completly off. I took some pictures of it after Annie's cut. It's kind of hard to see, the flash reflected off his shiny little head. But there are some good cuts there.


exchangemother said...

I think that is why my mother stopped after having me...LOL I used to chop all my dolls poor hair off, can you imagine if I had had a younger sibling??!! She was pretty smart, I would have had too much fun playing "hairdresser" ;)

Isaak and Jackie said...

glad the cut worked out well, can't wait for the pictures of ANnies cut