Monday, May 11, 2015

Annie's 12th Birthday

Annie turned 12 this week and we celebrated by having family over for cake and ice cream.

Beads from Benjamin

and more beads
 and more beads from Dorothy!!

A puzzle book, pencils, and matching necklaces and earrings
from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson.

 Earrings from Nate, Colleen, Kiley, Audrey, & Brinley.

 Orange things-Orange soda, gum, starburst, from Grandma & Grandpa Crapo.
They are also going to take her to the Heber Valley Camp on Saturday and
then to lunch and shopping.

 Warm fuzzy sweater and pants from Caroline, David, Zeren, Kezia, Jonah, & Reuben.

Balloons? from Charity, Shaun & Loretta.

She wanted these shoes from Mom & Dad,
unfortunately they won't be delivered until tomorrow.

Annie was getting the candles out for the cake and dropped the 2, because I didn't have a second one we had to use the wavy candles to form a 2. I couldn't even just put 12 candles on because it was only a package of 8. :)

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