Sunday, September 28, 2014

James' 4th Birthday

James turns 4 tomorrow!

 Foam alphabet & numbers
 & cars from Grandma & Grandpa Crapo

 Dart gun from Uncle Nate, Aunt Colleen, Kiley, Audrey, & Brinley.

 Clothes-Pants & 2 shirts, and a bouncy light up ball from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson.

 He was very determined that he was going to open this box by himself. He kept pulling at this one piece of tape until he had it up.
 I can't believe I missed a picture of his Olaf from this box. He was so excited when he pulled it out of the box and tossed it aside. There were also 3 pair of sweat pants in this box from Mom and Dad.
Pants and candy from Aunt Caroline, Uncle David, Zeren, Kezia, Jonah, & Reuben.

 Make a Wish!!

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