Friday, April 5, 2013


We spent Easter Saturday with my family at Caroline's house. The kids dye'd eggs and then we ate lunch before the kids headed out to find the candy and eggs. I didn't get any pictures of them here.

On Sunday afternoon we went over to Michael's parents where the kids dye'd eggs again. Then we had a BBQ. The kids were itching to find the golden egg that Grandma told them had already been hidden that contained $5. Finally the eggs and candy were all hidden and they set out on the hunt.

Oh yea, about that golden egg. Well the kids did their hunt and Grandma gave a few clues and Ammon thought that he had it. Well Colleen had hidden another yellow egg in approximately the same place and that was what Ammon had picked up. So now that the hiding place was up Uncle Nate took it and hid it. For 10 minutes the kids looked and looked, they kept walking past it, looking right at where it was just not seeing it. Finally Grandma went on the hunt and found it. The kids were all upset but she shared it with kids that hadn't found any of the money eggs in the egg hunt. Then Grandpa hid a few dollar bills around the front yard and let the kids find them. Emily found a stash of $3.

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