Monday, July 9, 2012

Rec. Center

We went to the rec. center and let the kids play for about three hours.

James and Ethan
 Michael and Aaron
 Annie and James
 Emily and James
 Emily, James and Michael
 Ammon, Ethan, Aaron was holding James by the waist and when he fell over Aaron couldn't keep him from doing a face plant in the water, & Michael
 Aaron, Ethan, James, Ammon and Michael
 Annie was pouting

 Ethan, Emil,y and Aaron
 Ethan having a blast
 James after his face plant
It took 4 times of Emily going down the water slide before I got some good pictures

 Ammon after he went down the slide
 Ammon doing a back float

When we were done at the rec center we went and got pizza and ate at the park.

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