Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yet another answer to prayer. Yes it was simple but I know that he answered my prayer.

Michael had misplaced his wallet again and I had glanced around on his dresser for it yesterday, not really moving much. After he got home he had the kids looking for it and he was tearing up the bedroom looking for it. I went in the other room and just said a quick prayer that he would lead someone to the wallet. As I was saying that prayer I saw, vividly in my mind, the bag on Michael's dresser that has Annie's dance costume in. I went back into the bedroom and pulled the big puffy black tulle skirt out of the bag and checked the bag. Not there. Oh well, I thought, guess it's not here. Then as I was wrapping the skirt into a ball to shove back into the bag the wallet fell on the floor. I'm guessing that he tossed the wallet onto the dresser and it landed in the bag the night before and we just didn't see it because it was black on black.

Michael told the kids that I was the one that had found all his stuff that was missing yesterday. I had found his keys on the porch when I opened the door to take Ethan to the bus, and then after checking the movie cabinet for his kindle I was walking down the hall and saw it on the floor in the closet. But I told him that I hadn't found the wallet. I was lead to it. I know He lead me to look where I did. I know He will answer our prayers even if it's just for the simplest things.

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