Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review

We had a good Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we spent the afternoon with Michael's family in Duchesne. The kids went on 4-wheeler rides, and sledding on the hood of a car pulled by a 4-wheeler. We then picked up Michael from home where he'd gotten about two hours of sleep after working 30 hours straight. We then went to my parents house where we had dinner, read the Christmas story and opened presents. I had my camera with me for both activities but forgot to take any pictures.

On Christmas morning we woke up, opened presents from Santa and mom and dad. Went to church with Michael's family. Michael and I dropped the kids off at his parents house while we ran back to town to our ward where I had to lead the choir in a musical number in our Sacrament meeting. Back at Michael's parents we ate breakfast and then played a gift exchange game with presents that Michael's mom had put together. We then opened family gifts from Nate and Colleen and from his mom and dad. We had Michael's entire family, 22 people in all, there.

Everyone then loaded up in vehicles and we headed to Vernal to visit Michael's grandma Liz. The great-grand-kids all got a present from her and we ate dinner. Then back home we came where the kids cleaned up the mess from opening gifts and then played with their presents until bedtime.

It was a good day.

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