Monday, August 15, 2011

Harrison Family Reunion

Michael's cousin Megan planned the family reunion this year. It was held out by Strawberry Reservoir. Most of Grandma Liz's family was there. The kids had a blast. They loved playing in this one spot that had lots of loose dirt. The kids were all covered in it by the end of the first day.
Ethan playing with some trucks
Cambria covered in dirt
Keira, Aiden, Cambria, Mayson, and Alex
Cambria and Mayson
Cambria, Mayson, and Alex
Felicity, looks like the dirt was quite yummy
Cambria's war paint
Mayson, waiting so patiently
Keria ate some too
Michael and Erica
Ammon getting in trouble, AGAIN
Aaron helping Aunt Lori with the fire
Annie helping with James
Erica taking her turn with James
James wanting a drink

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