Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maestas Family Reunion

We went to the Maestas Family reunion this weekend. It was held at Iron Springs, it's on Red Cloud Loop above Vernal. One of the activities they had for the kids and some of the more adventurous adults was a diving pond. They had a kiddie pool full of sawdust and then they buried money in it. The kids had a blast diving for the money, there were even some gold dollars buried in there. Annie was a pro at it, she learned real fast how to move the sawdust really soft and slow so she found the money. She made a haul with more then $8.00 in coins.
Even Michael got in on the action. He found a few coins the four turns he had. On the very next turn, Emily took the spot where he had been and found a gold dollar.

 James did okay in the playpen the first day but by the second day he had enough and wanted to be able to crawl where he wanted to.
Before the auction they had Minute to Win It games. Michael was called up to do this game, they had a cookie and had to place it on the forehead and by wiggling their heads and moving facial muscles get it to their mouths without using their hands.

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