Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Van

Well this is what we spent the majority of our tax return on this year. The van we had didn't even fit all of us when we bought it, but at the time we were desperate and needed one. We were legal as long as Michael wasn't with us, but then we had James and we really didn't fit. We decided to go with the 15 passenger so that we'd have the room for storage.

Michael thought it would be funny to post on my facebook account that I needed help naming it. Here are the suggestions so far:

Automobile Snowman
Abominable Snowvan
People Mover
Cruise Ship
HOV (Hybrid Offset Vehicle)
King of the Road
VANna White
BMW (Big Mormon Wagon)
Big Bertha

1 comment:

H-Duck said...

Name it Moby (after the white whale, ya know, from the book Moby Dick.)