Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Now what???

So Christmas is over, the tree is down, the presents are all put away, the kids are fighting over the wii that Santa brought....I'm looking forward to the week being over so the kids can go back to school. It's seven hours less a day that I have to listen to them fight with each other. Oh well I guess that's how it is when there are six kids trying to play together.

Since I blogged last I found a used computer at a yard sale, we've had to buy a new dishwasher, the stove is next on the list, the oven only works about 25 percent of the time, the dryer is starting to smell like it's burning. The blower motor for the heater in the van is almost dead, it will only work if you pop the hood and tap on the motor. We've moved the family room furniture to the living room because we've had to close off the family room to keep the rest of the house heated on account of the blower moter in the gas fireplace going out. Good thing we have an extra room. Can anything else quit or stop??

On a brighter note, we had a good Christmas. Spent Christmas Eve with the Anderson's, went caroling, had dinner, read the Christmas story, sang some songs and then the kids opened their presents from Grandma and Grandpa. On our way home we took a few detours and looked at some lights because we hadn't done that yet this year and the kids really wanted to see some. I wasn't too impressed with the decorations this year, there just didn't seem to be many.

On Christmas we got the kids up early and they opened presents before Michael had to go to work, then we packed up and went to Aunt Tattie's for breakfast and gift exchange there. Then we bundled up and went to what they call their property. Some acreage they have to the west of Duchesne, were they have trails built that they ride their four wheelers on, this time they rode the snowmobile and pulled an old car hood around behind the four wheelers. The kids all had a blast. Michael was supposed to get off somewhat early but a bunch of loads got called in so he had to stay and pull them.

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