Thursday, July 2, 2009

Power of Prayer

I just had to write about this because I was so impressed the other night. On Tuesday night, a week ago Michael came home from work with his wallet and basically lost it. He put it somewhere and couldn't remember where. On Wednesday he needed it to take his DOT card to the office. Well he couldn't find it, neither could I. I can usually find it by going through all his stuff and just looking in the normal places. Anyway, I didn't find it and couldn't find it, so we had the kids looking for it and looking some more. He didn't need it much over the weekend but Tuesday night came and he needed it for Wednesday to drive FedEx. So the hunt started over again, we really tore things apart looking for it, taking cushions off the couch, tipping it over, going through pockets again. Finally I just said to him "You better go in there(the bedroom) and start saying some serious prayers, cause we can't find it."

Anyway we got doing other things and I was outside putting the sprinklers on the grass and thinking about it and had an impression that I should just get everyone together and talk to the kids about it and have a prayer together asking for help. So I gathered everyone in the family room and started talking to the kids about prayer and asking for Heavenly Fathers help. I suggested to the kids that maybe we could do that and have Him help us to find it. Well Michael's sitting in his chair and chimes in and says I just found it about 5 minutes ago. He had done what I suggested and gone and had a prayer and looked in the van again. He had stuffed it into the pocket on the van door on Tuesday night when we went to the Elder's Quorum activity and no one had looked there, we'd looked under the seats and stuff.

It was strange that I had had those impressions while I was out putting the sprinklers up because I remember Michael looking in the van at that same time. I think maybe it was just an opportunity to teach the kids a lesson in prayer. Hopefully they learned something and next time they can't find something maybe they will say a quick prayer themselves.

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