Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What next??

Okay, so I told you about the herniated discs in my back. Well no sooner had we gotten used to the idea of paying out the nose for it that I took Aaron to the eye Dr. and found out that he has a pretty serious problem called muscle inefficiency in his eyes. That means that the muscles aren't working together. When you or I look at our finger moving towards our nose, our eyes track that and come in together. Aaron's eye's don't come together. When he is watching something swinging in front of his eyes he doesn't follow that in a smooth motion, his eyes don't follow and then they jump to catch up.

So this muscle inefficiency is going to require about 18 weeks of once-a-week therapy in the office and lots of homework. Not to mention the cost. Yikes! We can get a discount by making one payment of the whole thing, but even that is a huge chunk of change. And who has that much money just laying around? Normal people make payments.

As if his eye's aren't enough, when I took him in for his dental cleaning the dentist told me that we should start thinking about braces for him. I knew he was going to need them, his mouth is just too small for all of his adult teeth they are already crowded in there and he doesn't even have all his adult teeth yet. I'm just not ready for that yet.(Annie is going to have the same problem with her small mouth).

Can anything else come up? The new year isn't even here and we've already spent all and then some of Michael's cafeteria fund.

It seems like we have plans made and something comes up. We need to get my bedroom redone so we can move back in there, but the money keeps going other places. There's never enough to go around. I remember a thing I heard once. There's more month at the end of the money, or something like that. More month at the end of the money, then money at the end of the month.


Skeem's said...

I hear ya!! It always happens around christmas time too:) Hope Aaron's eye get better, I've never heard of that, I'm glad they can fix it though.

Mindy said...

OHHH I hate that. In our house we go for a while without anything going wrong then bam! Good luck with everything!